Happy Easter

to those who celebrate, and to those who don't just happy spring (or autumn, as it might be)

(from a park near my parents' place)


more surprises

These little cuties were in the packet from Lynz, too:

And not only did I get them from Lynz, by they are made by Lynz as well.


to slowly go...

So I'm slowly, slowly quilting my pure hexagon quilt, wishing that I lived in a house instead of a flat and could quilt after 10pm (look what quilting can do to you ;))

In the meantime, look what came to me from Lynz:

I've discovered it matches the few pieces of Giddy I have:
I'm thinking about making two pillows with it.
Thank you once again, Lynz.

And let me tell you a secret - Lynz is having a giveaway :)
So head here to learn more about it.


sashing and pin curving

My dresdens are proving to be much more pretty with the sashing, don't you think?
As the blocks are much smaller than the original ones, one WOF strip was almost enough for the outer sashing, so instead of sewing them into one long ribbon, I added one or two small pieces of the java fabric to make them long enough.
As you might have guessed, my inspiration came from Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle's dresden.

I've also managed to pin baste my hexagon park quilt finally.
I don't have a place big enough to do it in my flat, so I ended up in a certain kitchen across the street :) (it was a bit too tricky to do it in their living room, because of the carpet)
For the first few long minutes I was afraid I found the one stage of quilting I didn't like. Then I discovered that it was very easy to bend the safety pins a little, to make them slightly curved and it got surprisingly easier and more pleasurable.
So, it's quilting time - wish me luck, as it's my first big quilt.


Lily's Quilts QAL - adventures continue

My coffee treats are quite an adventure.
Piecing the outer circles was fun and I'm quite happy with the result, although they still need quite a lot of pressing.
However, after I pressed them a little I discovered that the appliqued inner circles don't lie flat at all, so it was a quick decision - seam ripper to the rescue.
Now they look much better :)


some progress

I listened to the wise and did not try to piece the inner circles (they are just a bit too small for that) but tried raw edge applique (I think ;).

But, as I was eager to try Lynne's method, I used it for my first outer circle (you can see it on the left). I'm not sure this is how it is supposed to be done, but it works ;)

And I managed to finish the back of my pure hexagon park quilt, here's the pieced bit:

Now I'm waiting for the batting - it's the first time I'll be using cotton batting (I've been lucky - one shop here in Poland has decided to try it out.)


Fresh Sewing Day with Lily's Quilts

The Day has come (ok, came yesterday in fact), so let's celebrate Lynne's blogaversary with:
Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts

March has been especially good for me quilt-wise so it's really tough to choose just one thing that made me happy. I hope it's OK, to tell you about three things:

1. I've finished the top of Hexagon Park - a beautiful quilt designed by none other than Lynne of Lily's Quilts
(here is the top sitting on my chair, waiting for some backing - hopefully to be stitched this weekend)

2. I've actually finished (as in stiched, quilted and bound) my first ever quilt and although it's a bit wonky I love it for a number reasons including the fact that:
- I got the lovely, joyful fabrics from Danielle,
- I thought up the pattern myself and even used some curved piecing for the blocks,
- I just got the news that my friend's little daughter, who got the quilt, enjoys it quite a lot :)

3. I've joined my first ever quilt along (check out the button on the right) and met a great bunch of quilters who are not only very helpful but also have the most hilarious sense of humour :)

P.S. I'm not so sure now, as I didn't note it down at the time, but I think I used this tutorial for curved piecing.