A big win and a small loss

... or how my last online order went.
When you order fabric online there's always a risk that the colours would differ much from what you see on the screen, so I was a bit anxious about the dots I ordered for binding of the twin baby quilts. Luckily they are all I hoped for - they look great with the quilts but also bring some variety as they are not identical to the quilt colours.
And they speak summer to me, look:
Originally, I thought about blue dots for the blue quilt and green dots for the green, but there wasn't enough blue in the shop, so I added the yellow and I'm very happy with it.

I also ordered some bobbins.
They were described as Singer, so I didn't look too closely at the photos. And when they arrived I discovered they were too big for my Singer, and also a bit differently shaped (the top and bottom holes are the same, while the bobbins I need should have the top hole smaller)
So, if you recognize them as something that would fit your sewing machine, I'll gladly send them to you.

This means that I still need some more bobbins, but I'm giving my sewing machine a bit of a rest anyway, to do some hand quilting:


summer not-much-sewing

If you combine hot, humid weather with lots of work at work and with a sewing machine that cannot decide whether to sew or spit out the bobbin case, the sewing situations gets rather tricky.
Fortunately for a sewing addict (and I just might be one of them) there's EPP.
As some of you might have guessed, I got tempted by the Retreat Issue of Fat Quarterly. I altered Brioni's pattern a bit, as I wanted something a bit smaller than a placemat, still I hope it looks OK:

(my machine even allowed me to quilt it)

This was followed by a bunch of  tiny hexies (well, not too tiny, they are roughly 1" across):

I will use them to embellish a small tote for my Mum.

And now I think I would love to make an EPP quilt one day (and maybe even with hexies, although not as small as these). I'm quite prepared to take it very slowly, I'm just wondering if there are any tricks to actually make it through till the end - any thoughts?