Lightly quilted

Not a "ta da" moment yet, but certainly a bit of "yay":

There are still some threads to hide and binding to be made but first the binding fabric needs to arrive (next week hopefully).
I'm also waiting for the batting for my granny squares quilt. So in the meantime I'm trying something new - English Paper Piecing.
This is two train journeys worth, to work and back home:

It's a very train-friendly project, so I can see more EPP in the future.
Now I just need a nice and functional sewing kit/organizer - do you know any good tutorials?

can't resist a mosaic

Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting is having a mini competition involving Kona Solids, and here's my take:

The colours are: snow, bone, ash, red, tomato, coal, charcoal and pepper.

I'm sure you can guess what inspired my choice.


tusen vs WIPs - round 1 continues

Battling those WIPs is a huge pleasure with just an occasional struggle (more on that later), but it's a slow process for me.
Anyway, although I have the photos only now, these are the pervious weekend finishes:

And some Friday cutting and yesterday sewing resulted in the first top of the twin baby quilts:

The second will follow shortly, I hope:

As for the struggle part, I found the fabric for my sister-in-law's tova rather tricky to sew. After getting lots of skipped stitches and even a bit of chewed fabric I figured out I probably need a special needle for this type of fabric (shhh, don't laugh at me too much). Fortunately, there is one brick-and-mortar fabric shop I know, where the staff is very helpful. I went there with a piece of the fabric and got the needle, together with a clear explanation why I need such a needle and what it looks like (i.e. golden in colour).
I already tried it out and the difference is huge, so my SIL's tova will be finished too.
It's really a pity the shop doesn't carry quilting weight cotton, but there is some nice and soft solid cotton I might use for backing quilts.


the mess

The mess (politely called WIPs) on my sewing table needs to be sorted out, and I'm very happy to start in a moment. 
Hopefully some weekend updates will follow, this is what it looks like now:

Happy sewing to me? And of course to all of you who will sew this weekend, too.