no retreat

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself)
So, Fat Quarterly London Sewing Retreat is next weekend and although I'm not able to go this time, I'm so excited for those of you who are going.
And I hope I will be able to make it some other time.
(And I know you've "heard" it a few times in my comments and emails already, but just one more time, ok?)

In the meantime, I'm piecing a quilt for someone very special, who should have received one from me a long time ago. It's going to be a surprise, so I'm just going to tell you that it's not a coincidence that I'm using granny squares blocks (as seen at Jolene's, though with a different layout).

a rather creased peek

Also, encouraged by Tova Top success, I've made myself a tank dress. A bit more elegant tank top in dark khaki will follow, but I wanted this one as something comfortable to wear at home or to a nearby shop. I added in-seam pockets (I will link up the tutorial I used if I manage to find it again), but since I wanted to retain the French seams the finished pockets may be just a little bit strange. Still, they are good enough and big enough to hide my phone, keys and wallet, which is what I wanted.
I also played the match-the-pocket game with the little front pocket and discovered it to be surprisingly easy (although that didn't prevent me to prepare the pocket that would only match upside down and inside out on the first try).
And since I managed to take a tolerable photo of myself this time, I'm going to be brave and show it to you:


Bloggers' Quilt Festival - Spring 2012

This weekend Blogger's Quilt Festival Spring edition started, so let me share with you the not-so-secret quilt.

I know some of you have already seen it, but I'd like to tell you a bit more about it.
A long time ago (i.e. about 1,5 years) when I was just starting my sewing and quilting adventure, I had an idea to make a quilt full of waves. Then I discovered Kona cotton Poseidon bundle and I just knew I had to use it for the quilt. The design kept evolving from my mind, and although I still think the original one with a bit of a bank and trees will make it to a mini quilt one day, in the meantime I decided to make something simpler, better suited for a twin size quilt. And this year I finally felt skilled enough try sewing the quilt.

The one you see above is actually my second wavy quilt and here we come to the part why it is so special for me. I started with making a wavy quilt top for a quilt for my friend. When my Dad saw it, he said that he wanted such a quilt.
Now, although my Dad likes what I make, this was the first time he actually wanted something for himself, so you can imagine how happy I was.
And I didn't tell him I was making one for him until it was done, but my Mum and sister knew, hence the name not-so-secret quilt. And I know he likes it also because he didn't want anybody else to hold it while I was taking the photos.
 trusty ikea fabric for the back
The 21 fat quarters were just enough for the top and a an extra strip on the back (the quilt is about 57"x 79").
some WIP pics
The quilt was a great curve piecing practice and surprisingly quick to make, but the most important thing is that Dad likes it.

So, this was my festival quilt, now let's see other entries:
Amy's Creative Side


how not to

photograph a quilt:

I know it's creased too much and somehow looks much more crooked than in reality but I'd taken a quick photo just before my friend took the quilt to its new home and I really wanted to show it to you.
This is actually my first wavy quilt, but as you remember after finishing the top I put it aside to make the not-so-secret (i.e. wavy 2) quilt for my dad.

There is another quilt slowly coming together, but unfortunately you will have to wait till summer to see it. The top is done and as I'm planning this to be a reversible quilt, I really need to start cutting the fabrics for the back (or the other top, as it may be).

And finally, I've just finished a long-promised bag (yes, from Anna's 241 tote pattern again, it's such a pleasure to sew).

I hope the additional patch on one pocket only doesn't make it too weird, what do you think?


on Thursday

An 8-year-old lovely lady got a little something for her special occasion, so now I can show it to you, too:

(sorry about the red cast, it was either this or a burned white patch, the sun was so strong)

I'm so happy she liked it, and it's great I was finally able to use the scrappy hexies from Lynz (I'm afraid it's been a bit over a year since I got them, but I always knew who would get something made with them).

I admit some points were kind of lost in action, I need more practice with these, but I enjoyed making this little quilt very much. I forgot to measure it, but it's most probably 40"x52"


Tova adventures

Last weekend proved to be very sewing-friendly, so I finally managed to sew the Tova I planned as the final version.
But let's start with my trial version:

Apart from the placket, which is just a bit tricky, it sews really easy (please note this is the first ever top I've sewn and a second garment after the skirt, so I hope this sounds encouraging for other sewing newbies).
There are no cuffs, as I wanted to see how this would change the look of the Tova. It looks quite OK I think, also quite well with the sleeves folded up, but in the end I decided to stick to cuffs in the final version.
The other thing I bravely did was to adjust the pattern slightly, so that the top starts in one size and finishes in the next one, if you know what I mean. (I have a sitting job after all).
It fits and the cotton is nice and light, so although this flowery pattern and the colours are really not me, I'm going to wear it in summer.

And now for the final Echo Tova:

I just couldn't resist adding some of French general fabric to the inside of the collar and the cuffs. And as somehow not knowing how to sew makes me more brave than I am with the skills I learnt properly, I made the cuffs wider and split (I'm not sure if you call them that) and I also made splits on the sides of the Tova, to make it even more comfortable.

I have to say I'm really happy with it.
Of course I'm not brave enough to show you a proper photo of myself wearing it, but just to prove that it does fit me: 

In case you'd like to try sewing your own and could use a little help, Kerry has put up a page with a list of all the sew-a-long posts here.