summer morning in the forest...

...well, OK, more like in front of my block of flats, but still quite cool, don't you think:

7 a.m. photos mean no neighbours' laundry yet and a bit of nice morning light.


And a bit of detail (I'm really happy I decided to quilt the black blocks in white, too).

Some quilt stats:
Size: about 59"x 83" (149x210cm)
Pattern: blocks from the splendid Forest QAL plus some simple patchwork
Quilting: FMQ flowery (or maybe leafy) doodles, not too dense to leave the quilt nice and soft.

And I just can't pass the opportunity to paste the QAL button, as I'm adding my post to the Forest QAL linky.


not-so-forest quilt

Slowly, slowly the quilt featuring forest QAL blocks is taking shape.

I don't usually name quilts but I think of this one as forest pictures although in these colours it does not look very foresty at all.
I started with a rather different look in mind, but then it evolved into this.



It might have taken much more time than planned but the wonky kites quilt is finally finished (weeeell, apart from a few threads that need hiding), and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

The clothes line I'm stealing borrowing from my neighbours seems to have sagged a bit, so the top of the quilt is actually on the other side:

It might be a bit difficult to guess the size from the photos, but it's 202x220cm (slightly bigger than 79"x86").
I hope the intended recipient likes the quilt and will take it home next weekend.

Oh, and yay, it's actually the biggest finish from my Q2 2013 FAL list.

Note: I started the quilt in 2011, so its beginnings are quite blurry to me now, but as far as I remember I was searching for a design that would allow me to make a bed sized quilt and showcase the little bundle of lovely fabric I got from my cousin. And I came across this quilt by Alex at Teaginny and this one by Ashley at Film in the Fridge.