Winter stitching list

A bit too late to join, but still intended to have been a list for:
FairyFace Designs
I'm afraid my winter stitching list is just long enough for some of the projects to become summer stitching projects, still, here it is:
1. Finish the Australian quilt (actually I hope to be able to do it this week, keep your fingers crossed for me).
2. Sew my first ever skirt (just couldn't pass this sew-a-long).
2. Make lots of 241 totes as gifts my friends.
3. Make mugrug for Quokka Quilts Mug Rugs of the world - if I manage to think up something with a Polish theme.
4. Prepare more blocks for the wonky kites quilt (just waiting for more grey fabric to arrive) and of course make the quilt.
5. Make the red/pink/brown diamonds picnic blanket/smaller quilt with the ex-hexies from Lynz.
6. Make a baby quilt for our friends' little boy (I think I've chosen the fabrics, hope they will become available soon).
7. Make a new quilt for my sister - this time with the fabrics she's chosen and the design we've chosen together ;)
8. Make a quilt for my little sister's wedding (she's my cousin really, but I hope she won't mind me calling her little sister ;)

(To be updated with some pictures)


just to let you know

The first tutorial is ready, you can find it through the tutorials page just below the blog title, or simply click here.

It's my very first, so I'd appreciate your honest opinion - whether it's clear enough, what to add or not to include in future ones. It would be a great help.


It might be quiet, but...

... I'm actually sewing, cutting and planning for lots of different projects (yay to a week off)
Here are some of the results so far:
- two new pillowcats

(I think I need to improve the design next time, but they are quite funny at least)

- SBS block 15 - Diamond Dash

(I still need to make block 14 which is a crazy quilt block, but I'm afraid it's going to be a not-so-crazy version with just cotton and not too many crazy stitches)

- some more triangles for my pink/red/brown ex-hexies diamond blanket

just playing around with possible layouts; there's going to be some more solid cream and brown diamonds (and yes, I know my rug is not the best of desing walls)

- blocks for the back of my Australian quilt

one finished, four to go

- phone cozy tutorial (in progress)
(no photo here, but if you are interested please check my tutorials page tomorrow evening now).

Not so bad, don't you think?


why I am jumping with joy today

Some time ago we agreed with Leanne on a swap, and yesterday evening I received these lovely coasters:

I just love this colour combination. If you want to read some more about it, check out Leanne's blog, especially here and here.
And can you see that the lovely card I got is a perfect match, too?
No wonder I think I got the best deal - thank you so much Leanne.

And if you want to see what I sent Leanne, here it is:


Scrap Republic Blog Tour Winner

Well, one of the winners of course, but a very nice surprise it is.
Anyway, I won this great pattern.


another beginning

Do you know this kind of days when you don't really feel like finishing even the most exciting WIPs?
It's been this kind of day for me today.
So instead of shortening my WIP list (and I assure you I'm really excited about every single project on the list) I've just made it longer with this:

This is going to be my version of Film in the Fridge kites in the clouds quilt (actually more similar to Teaginny's wonky kites).
Ashley from FITF posted a great tutorial on making the blocks here, but I made them more like you make flying geese, so that I could use the grey corners too:

Yes, they are mainly "kites" not squares but unless I change my mind I'd like to use them without trimming them down.
The little "kites" and the 12 blocks are how far I could go with just one yard of grey fabric (Kona Coal actually), more needs to be ordered as soon as possible.

Note to self: learn how to take photos of grey fabric so that it looks grey.



I've looked at various pouch tutorials and then came up with a combination of them all to create something that would have a flap, boxed corners, lining, an inside pocket, and would be made using quilt-as-you-go method:
I still need to find a place selling magnetic snaps, so it's velcro in the meantime. Very crazy I know, but fun to make.

P.S. (Thank you Sarah and Diane) tutorial coming, not very soon, but quite soon, I hope.
P.P.S. Would you prefer a tutorial sooner but with drawings, or later but with photos?


Saturday sewing

Well, just a bit of sewing, but so enjoyable.
Some finishing touches on 241 tote (take 2):

(inside out to show you my only addition to the pattern - the pocket flap)
I like this pattern so much that I'm going to sew some more for presents this year :)

And I'll leave you with the SBS block 13 - another fun one to make:


Slightly unbalanced

Catching up with the SBS blocks again.
You've already seen the Ohio Star.

I like how the Beacon Light turned out. It could have been a bit more wild but I followed the advice of the wise and made the "points" from regular fabric (my blocks are 9" not 12" so it might have been a bit tricky to sew the with the "made" fabric).

And the Improv Trees are slightly unbalanced.

phone sewing

Guess who asked me to sew something for him. And he practically designed it, too.
I still need to figure out a general way of calculating the size, to be able to sew without a phone. (I didn't really measure the first one and came out rather narrow, but it fits my work phone perfectly).

Anyway, the idea is that you pull the strap and the phone slides out (magic, isn't it?)

And to do it, you attach the strap inside the cozy on one side, sew a loop on the other side (also inside) and thread the strap through the loop. This prevents the strap from sliding out of the cozy completely while allowing it to lift the phone out of the cozy.

The cozies are already in use and work quite nicely, although a wider strap (and a bigger piece of velcro) for the wider cozy would work even better.