a pressing need

One might say that I have a pressing need.

A whole ironing board of it, in fact.
So, I'd better attend to it and leave you to admire my fast growing bulbs.


cutting, cutting

Cutting into my only bundle of solids

for a wavy quilt, so there's going to be a lot of curves to sew.

The two SBS blocks allowed me to practice a bit.

There's also been a bit of pillowcatting.


it's winter

No big surprise, I know, as it's supposed to be winter here.
How slow it's been in coming you can judge by these:

They were supposed to quietly wait for spring in their sheltered place on my balcony, but I discovered them busily growing instead. Luckily I made the discovery just before the frost came and moved them inside.

Apart from rescuing the mystery bulbs, I've been sewing a bit too.
There's been a Kindle sleeve, but for now you just have to believe me I made it as I forgot to take a photo.  Anyway, I made it mostly according to this recipe.
And here's something my sis has been waiting for:

Just the phone cozy, the very simple pillow case stays with us. (I still need to make another one for our second small pillow).
So, how is your winter? (or summer, depending on where you are)


Slowly getting back to normal

And this means a lot of catching up.
So, since 3 is a nice number, let's start with three things:
* SBS - Circles and Flowering Snowball:
As you can see from the circles, I definitely need to practice more applique, so block 19 and block 21 is going to appear here sooner or later, although I've skipped them for now.
As for the flowering snowball, despite the not so well aligned centre I think it's going to join my list of "I wish to make a quilt using this block". I just love it.

** a lovely surprise I got from Lesly of Stitch Literate during her birthday giveaway and didn't manage to show you until now:

*** another phone cozy promised last year:


Happy New Year and a big thank you

I realize that 2012 has had a bit more than two days to settle in, but I hope it's still not too late to wish you all a wonderful New Year.
I would also like to thank you all so much for your encouragement, inspiration, tutorials and QAL, knowledge shared, and lots of fun in the past year.
It was my first year* of sewing and I'm sure it wouldn't have been so great without you.
*(ok, a year and a month, I think ;))

So here is my 2011 (the finished projects part) in pictures:
the quilts

other projects (most of them anyway)

and the last phone cozy of 2011

As for ongoing projects, I've had lots of fun with the Skill Builder Sampler

And since it's that time of the month, I'm linking it up to:

Fresh Sewing Day