in the morning sun

With a slight delay, I'm presenting to you the Virginia Star proper this time.
Accompanied by SBS block 8 - Breaking Out.
(And I might just have learned my favourite method of piecing flying geese.)

Today I hope to have a bit more time for sewing, to work on a quilt I'm making from Kate Conklin's There's a Square in There pattern.
I'm making it bigger than in the pattern and I already have 20 out of 24 blocks I need.


not exactly

SBS block 7 - Virginia Star. 
'Oh, what a nice quick block it is, I'll  have just enough time tonight  to finish it without a problem', thought a certain person.
And then she made this:
Not exactly a star, is it?
(Ok, so I could have just unpicked the two offending seams when it was still in 3 pieces and resew according to the pattern, but I really like this layout, so Virginia Star has to wait till tomorrow)


back to work

which is not easy after two-week holiday... And it means no time for sewing, although tonight I've I finally managed to make block 6 of the Skill Builder Sampler.

So, I'm not too late for the I've finished blocks 4, 5 and 6 giveaway.
And, since there is no bonus challenge, I'll show you two of the layouts that could be made out of the bow tie block pieces, if you didn't want to stick with bow ties: