Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013

I'm sure you've already seen many of the FQR recaps (if not, you can find many of them listed here), but I still want to share a bit of what it was like to me.

And it was such fun!
It was such a treat to finally meet at least some of those known only through blogs and emails. And it was very nice to as well as those who I now want to find online too. And to laugh like crazy on many occasions, and to listen a lot and to talk a bit.
And yes, I learned lots of great sewing tips and tricks and was inspired both by the teachers and by other participants. And it was such a great feeling to sew together with others who are also interested in sewing.

So a big great thank you for all the talks and laughter and hugs (and sewing instructions, of course).

And well... better look at the photos here, because I didn't take even a single one. I don't know what I was thinking.
Anyway, the only photos I can share are those of:
1. my spoils:

i.e. the contents of the goody bag, with some fabric from Eternal Maker and Riley Blake and Moda and Makower, and a scrap bag of Pat Bravo fabrics, some silk thread from Silk Ribbon, some notions from Woolworths, as well as some coupons, a lovely surprise packet from Emily and my raffle win of Aurifil thread.

2. my very restrained buys:

the lovely Liberty key fob made by Hadley, the Aurifil thread from Cindy, and some fabric from Tracey
3. and the results of my classes:

improv - Lu's class

precision piecing - Lynne's class
EPP with curves - Julianna and Joanna's tabletop session
Well, after the class it actually looked like this:

We also might have chatted more than anything else in Katy's class, which is why after both the class and a few hours on the train, my triangle city block is still only in, shall we say, a very early stage of completion: