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feathers - Forest QAL

Not really based on any real bird. I did look at some photos of macaw feathers, but they are nothing like this:


night woodpecker - Forest QAL

My initial idea was to use the black for the tree and the cream for the background. Then Julianna commented with the hope that I'd be brave enough to make the background black and I realized that for it would still fit with my overall plan for the blocks and I couldn't disappoint her :)

So let me present to you the night woodpecker:

Some points might not exactly meet, and I'm not sure about the decision to use two colours for his leg instead of one, but I'm very happy with the rest of my fabric choices and quite proud of him.
Hope you'll like him too.


into the forest

I know the plan was to finish the quilts from the FAL list before starting anything new, but well, I've been tempted:
Just check out the first block - Julianna's version is so cool.
And I love how different the blocks look with different fabric and colour choices.

I'm just starting, we'll see how it goes: