here it is

For those who saw the previous post and wanted to see more - your waiting has come to an end ;)(and thanks for being so patient).
As Mum got the quilt yesterday, I can show it now.
On my parents' bed (oops, rather rumpled after a trip from my place to theirs):

And in use (Mum and sister are trying it out (sorry, no heads allowed)):

Quilted in wavy horizontal and vertical lines roughly following the stitches on the nine-patch blocks:

I'm very happy with it and even more happy that my Mum likes it.
(On a more technical note - I used this great tutorial for the blocks)

And since it's been my favourite project finished in June, I'm linking it up to:
Fresh Sewing Day


thinking, thinking

or maybe like this? (apart from the too random bottom part)

In the meantime, since the Birthday Girl hasn't received her present yet, she'll have two to choose from. The second one is made from the Phoebe Bag pattern (from artsy crafty babe) with some minor changes and additions as far as pockets are concerned.


the binding of a quilt

One for the Lily's Quilts QAL quilt and one for the first quilt top I've ever finished (it's finally going to become a quilt):

Preparing binding is fun, I especially like to make it a bit scrappy.
And encouraged by Rachel's post on binding I made these two 2 1/4" wide. Having only tried 2,5" before I was a bit afraid this would feel too tight, but it's really nice actually.

So, one bound:

(rolled up for now, I'll try to get a decent photo and post it too, although you've seen it almost finished here)
and imitating a rather too puffy curtain ;)

One to go:
(I need to borrow someone's floor to baste it, though)


jumping with joy

Just look what I got from my amazing, generous cousin:

I'm thinking about using a slightly bigger block variation of Film in the Fridge's rectangle squared tutorial... Or maybe some curves, as there are many curved lines in the fabrics...
Or maybe you could suggest other quilt patterns that would do justice to these great fabrics?
(the rectangles in the first photo are 6,5"x9,5")


sewing in general is cool, too

I know you know it already, but I'm just discovering the fun of sewing.
Thanks to Sara at Sew Sweetness I've found the tutorial for Rae's buttercup bag and:

made my first ever bag (for a birthday present, if the Birthday Girl likes it):

I've added a big zippered pocket instead of the small open one from the pattern and decided to use just buttons, without the fabric flap. I also wanted to make it a bit sturdier so I added cotton batting to the lining - not very professional probably, but I don't have any interfacing, not to mention that I'm still not quite sure what interfacing is ;)
Another thing I don't have is a magnetic snap, but a piece of fabric and a pair of little magnets works quite well, too.