Happy New Year!

Before I start the 2017 sewing, I'd like to show you my last quilt of 2016.
If you remember the recipient of the summer quilt, he is a big brother now, so of course his little brother had to get a quilt of his own.
I used some of  my favourite prints from the summer quilt in this one, too, so that they could match a bit, but somehow, probably because of quite a lot of white, it reminds me more of winter.

Triangles sewing - tricky business (for me at least)
Basting, basting... And I'm so proud of (almost) all the points
Ready to be folded under the Christmas tree
OK, the back might have more of a-walk-on-the-beach feel

I'm so happy that I managed to finish it just in time for Christmas. I loved making it and it brings me such joy to know that the recipient's mum likes it, too. (Well, you know, the recipient is a bit too young to give his opinion on the matter).