coffee treats - Lynne's QAL progress

Ok, I know it's not very inventive, but I think they need to be called coffee treats. I should really take a photo of them during the day but this is not possible till Friday, so I've decided not to wait.
So here you are - coffee treats in all their yellowish low light glory:

Of course after looking at all the gorgeous dresdens in our flickr group, in splendid colours and with various design twists, I don't like mine so much any more, but I guess they are still OK.


getting better and not so fishy piecing

I'm finally getting better after a week in bed with a nasty cold, so I've decided I need some nice little project to speed up my recovery ;)
So, here is a little wallet, courtesy of Lynne's fishy piecing tute and Noddlehead's awesome and easy wallet recipe:

Wreszcie mi lepiej po tygodniu chorowania, więc zachciało mi się czegoś na przyspieszenie rekonwalescencji. W rezultacie powstał portfelik - efekt połączenia wskazówek Lynne i Noodlehead.


Hexagon Park WIP - quilt top finished

Lynne, once again thank you so much for making this great quilt recipe.

It's been real fun to sew it and I've learnt a lot, mostly through "surprising" discoveries like:
* when you sew two pieces which are at an angle, while aligning them remember about seam allowance, otherwise they end up slightly shifted in relation to each other;
* accuracy in seam allowances does matter, or you may suddenly discover that the border is surprisingly longer than it should be (yeah, I knew this theoretically, now I know practically, too). Now I have a piece of tape stuck to my sewing machine and my stiches are already much improved (I hope ;))

Next weekend I hope to at least start the backing.


Lily's Quilts QAL - charm pack adventure

The cutting has began! / Rozpoczęło się wycinanie!

As I'm using a charm pack instead of a layer cake, I've cut the leaves only for one dresden first, to check how it will go.
As you can see:

I have 24 leaves and not 21 in my circle.
The leaves are half the size of the original template, but I used standard 1/4" seam allowance, so after sewing all 21 leaves together I discovered that I couldn't form a circle without adding 3 more.
Mmm, at least I hope it was not the result of my stiches being so inacurate.
I'm quite pleased with the result (I wasn't going to use the black but I think it makes the circle more interesting).
Now I need help with changing the size of the remaining templates :)

Alternatively I think I could try to sew everything at 1/8" seam allowance... (with my not so very acurate stiches... ouch...)

What do you think?


Hexagon Park WIP

Work in progress / Prace trwają:

Check out my cool designing... curtain ;)

Lily's Quilts Quilt Along

As I'm still a new in the quilting world, I could start almost every post with "this is the first time..."
So, as you can imagine, this is the first time I'm joining a quilt along -  Lily's Quilts QAL .
I can't wait :)

Jako, że jestem jeszcze nowa w tym patchworkowym świecie, właściwie każdego posta mogłabym zaczynać od "po raz pierwszy..." Więc jak się można domyślić, po raz pierwszy będę brała udział w wirtualnym wspólnym szyciu. Lily's Quilts QAL. Już się nie mogę doczekać.

And here is my choice of fabrics for it / A taką paczkę materiałów wybrałam do tego:

(since I'll be using a charm pack instead of a layer cake my quilt is going to be much smaller than the original, but then I have half of another charm pack of this java beauty, so if I'm any good at it I would be able to add a few more blocks)


yay, it's finished! / hura, skończona!

my first fully finished quilt / moja pierwsza całkiem skończona kołdra

And contrary to what you can see, the edges are even almost straight. / I mimo tego, co widać na zdjęciu zapewniam, że brzegi są nawet prawie całkiem proste.