Soft Kitty...

...warm kitty, little ball of fur...
Well, not exactly, but the Soft Kitty quilt was actually finished at least three weeks ago.
Unfortunately every time new snow falls it gets all dirty and ugly before the weekend and I can't steal borrow my neighbours' clothes line to take a photo of the finished quilt.
So, let me at least show it in use:
It's not asymmetrical, our bed is just not that wide.
It's backed and bound with a very nice and soft map fabric I found in my local fabric shop - I hope to show it to you when the weather gets better.

And it's my first finish on the very short (but probably still too long) FAL list.

she can quilt



You know I'm not good at blogging personal stuff, but just this once I wanted to share something. It might sound strange, as there is no connection, but without this I feel I cannot continue sharing my adventures into sewing or creating in general.
However, after 2.5 weeks I still cannot think of a way to put it into proper words.
So, this space

will remain here for all the grief and helplessness and feeling of how unfair things are, but also for all the memories, starting from the time so many years ago, when we first visited the-girl-at-whose-place-the-dog-jumps-from-behind-the-big-stone. And for gratefulness for all the time we shared, for the feeling of friendship and connection that stayed strong even when we couldn't meet for long stretches of time.  And also for gratefulness for making the quilt still in time...

See you on the other side my "astrological twin", ok?