2012 sewing

Fewer than it seems - can you spot the three quilts I'm showing from both sides?
Still no good photo of the wedding quilt, but I wanted to show it to you anyway, I promise it looks better in reality.

Smaller projects:
There might have been two or three more but I can't seem to find the photos.

Just the final versions that my sister and I wear.

On the whole not too bad and certainly enjoyable to make.

Happy New Year!


And now I can also show you...

...the gifts I managed to make just before Christmas Eve.  
(I'm not sure if all of you know that we get presents on Christmas Eve not on Christmas Day here in Poland). 

Both sides of the bag and the pouch for Mum:

I'm afraid you just have to believe me that the bag has a recessed zipper (my first one, but I used this great tutorial and it was quite easy). There also is a zippered pocket and a slip pocket inside, but the photos of the inside are just too awkward to show.

And the pillowcases made to match Grandma's quilt:

The bottom photo is just so you know what I used for the back.


Catching up too

And now I can finally show you the big thing I've been working on.
You've already seen the process here, now it's my pleasure to show you the result:

It's a quilt for my bestest friend and almost twin sister (I mean we were born just 5 hours apart and even in the same hospital). She lives far away now, but I'm so happy I managed to visit her and bring her the quilt last weekend. And, what's most important, she likes it.

And as this is my last post before Christmas, let me wish you a wonderful time, full of warmth, peace and love.

Catching up

If someone knows a method to slow time down a bit, I'd be grateful to learn it - it rushes much too quickly for me.
But as my Christmas gifts are almost ready (shh, they'll be ready by the end of the day today... especially if you keep your fingers crossed), I hope I can take a few moments to share what I've been up to.
Let's start with big luck and small things:

The December edition of the Giveway Day proved very lucky for me - won two prizes.
I can already show you the first one, from Rhonda:

It's the Gap Rainbow bundle Rhonda created for Cindy's (Fluffy Sheep Quilting) contest and it's a such a lovely, lively combination. And an additional prize is that apart from jade it's the first time I've seen these colours in person. Those of you who like me have to shop for fabric online only, will recognize the importance of this.

The second prize has not arrived yet, but is so lovely, too. I will blog about it when I get it, but in the meantime you can see it at Alison's here. Isn't it just perfect?

Apart from winning wonderful prizes I've also been busy sewing small things, like these:

and this red bunch:

The one in the middle is an owl, I assure you.