Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall 2012

Amy's Creative Side

I've enjoyed it very much from the time I first saw it, I even participated in the last two editions but this time... I almost missed it.
Almost, but not quite, luckily.

The quilt I'd like to show you today is the one I made for my grandma in the summer.
Those of you who visit my blog have already seen it, but I hope you won't mind looking at it again.

This quilt is very special to me, especially because it was a gift to my grandma and because she likes it.
Also, we had lots of fun with a little photo shoot - I took photos of the quilt and my sis of me and the whole scene. (And my husband was patiently holding the quilt, for which I'm ever so grateful.)
photo by my sis
As for some more quilty/sewy reasons for why this quilt is special, there are many of those, too.
It was my first 100% hand quilted quilt and I loved the process very much. It did take a long time but was very relaxing and somehow felt just right for this quilt.

It was also the first quilt for which I used Y-seams. It came out of laziness really. I didn't want to create long strips of sashing, so instead I used big triangles for the edges, and the way I assembled the pieces left me with no choice but to brave the Y-seams. They weren't as scary as I'd thought.
And finally, although at first sight all the blocks are yellow, the fabric arrangement in each is slightly different and I really enjoyed making sure that no two blocks were identical. 

Let me just add some technical details:
  • Quilt Measurements: approximately 50" x 84"
  • Special Techniques used, if any: hand quilting, Y-seams
  • Quilted by me
  • Best category: bed quilt, two colour quilt
(And my entry number is 550, woo-hoo)

And now it's time to get inspired by other festival entries


  1. I missed this quilt - it must have been during my blogging hiatus! It's a fabulous quilt and so special that you made it for your granny. A granny for a granny. So glad you managed to get it in to the festival.

  2. Really lovely, especially the quilting!

  3. Hi Tusen. Always lovely to see your work!

  4. It's so pretty with lovely quilting.

  5. Lovely! Impressed with your y-seams. :-)

  6. Love the dark colours contrasting with the yellow!

  7. Your quilt is lovely. I've never hand-quilted. I KNOW your grandma was thrilled with her gift.

  8. Great quilt! Great hand quilting really sets this apart. No doubt your Grandma loves it, who wouldn't? But a Grandma is a super special person. Treasure her!!
    And that hubby of yours must be a dear to hold up a quilt that long, LOL!

  9. This is a wonderful quilt. I love your variation of a granny square.

  10. I might have missed this one over the summer. It is just wonderful, i love the colours and the hand quilting. And it is so nice that your grandmother has it and loves it. A perfect entry into the festival.

  11. You've done beautifully with this, it's a really clever variation of the granny square. I missed out on the quilt festival this year, sadly! Next time...

  12. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt. The hand quilting makes it so special and the yellow blocks are like splashes of sunshine.

  13. Beautiful colors and a precious gift! Your hand quilting adds a sweet touch to it.

  14. Wonderful color choice! And Y-seams...you brave soul. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!! You have a wonderful space here. I'll be back to look again for sure.


  15. That's VERYpretty! Good thinking on the y seams.

  16. So beautiful - love the granny squares and your wonderful hand quilting!

  17. Wow! What an amazing quilt. And your hand quilting is so beautiful.
    Your Grandmother will really treasure this quilt!

  18. This is lovely! I love how the yellow granny square blocks appear to float on a trellis background. Gorgeous color selection in general. Thanks for sharing it!