catching up part 1 - what was

Lately I've noticed that time doesn't fly for me anymore, it whizzes past so quickly I usually can't even see it.
Still, I managed to catch a bit of time and use it to sew:
* coasters for Di
to accompany our little swap, in which I got a jar of hot pepper jelly and sent some Polish dried mushrooms.
I hadn't tried this kind of jelly before, now I know from experience that the jelly Di makes is not only lovely to look at but also very tasty.

* a block for Euro Siblings Together Bee
I usually show them on flickr only, but I'm so happy I finally got to use the ugly duckling print I've been saving for the right project.

*a phone cozy for my (not so) new phone

*a fabric plate (which actually is more like a shallow bowl)
from Michelle's tutorial; a test run for the prizes I'm making for Sarah's Online Baby Shower

*and something that's still a secret

And if I post big pictures it doesn't look that bad as a summary of all of my sewing since the end of September...


  1. Lovely to see what you have been up to. Lots of projects going on.

  2. ohhh secrets... lovely makes sweetie x

  3. You have been making the most beautiful things! I love the coasters, I still want to make those maples too.

  4. Your sewing is lovely and I love my coatsres. We use them everyday!