summer quilt

Finished at the beginning of summer, gifted at the end of summer, the summer quilt is finally with its intended recipient and I've even been able to hand it to him (well, maybe not so much hand as show, but he did grab a corner for a moment), so now I can show it to you, too.
Here's the front:

and the back full of dots:

and a bit of quilting in progress, because it was such a beautiful sunny day and it looked like I might have managed to mix summer and sun and joy into the quilt:

But the best shot, I think you'll agree, is the one I didn't take but received with permission to show you all:


  1. Great quilt, the quilting is really clever, and what a wee cutie!!

  2. He is adorable and that quilt is perfect for him.

  3. Jest świetny, wesoły , kolorowy i ten groszkowy tył - bardzo mi się podoba :) I najważniejsze, że właściciel zadowolony :)

  4. Isn't that cute! I think you did capture summer!

  5. Idealny quilt dla dziecka! Kolorowy, wyrazisty - cudo:)