here we go again

I don't seem to have many WIPs, and there are some things I haven't even started yet, like a certain cushion I'm looking forward to making before Christmas or possibly, possibly a quilt for myself, but there are a few things I can put on the last Finish Along list of the year:

1. The blue quilt (not a very imaginative name, I know, can you think of a better one?)

It's going to have 112 6" blocks (finished size) so it's going to take quite a long time cutting and sewing but I'm enjoying the process.
2. Fingerless gloves for a friend.

I'm basically using the same ravelry pattern (Ghislaine Gloves) as for the red gloves, only with edges worked in seed stitch.

3. The denim skirt yet again - hopefully for the last time.

4. The medallion quilt does not really want to be a quilt, so I might give up and try to make it into a cushion, or at least bring it to cushion size and then decide. Don't worry, my friend is still going to get a quilt, just not this one.

5. And a bit of lace knitting - from a ravelry pattern called seascape stole.

I'm linking this up to Katy's Finish Along of course.

Finish Along 2014


  1. This looks a very manageable list. Off you go. x

  2. It is a lovely list and great for working on as the weather gets cooler.

  3. good luck with your list - it looks do-able! Love those knitting projects you've got on the go.