Time flies. On a rocket engine plane possibly, or maybe something faster. At least it does for me.
So I still can't believe it's already October and that I haven't written a word here since July.
But in the meantime I managed to finish a few things, so let me show them to you, starting with:

the sprouts quilt for my godfather.
It was a bit tricky to photograph, as our bed is not wide enough, but I'm very happy to report that I not was not only able to hand it in (with birthday hugs and kisses only a week late) but I already know that it fits his sofa just right. 

The idea for this quilt started with a cushion for Susan. (I was sure that I'd blogged about our private swap, but apparently not. And I was so happy Susan liked the cushion and I received the most amazing one from her, and the loveliest lavender bag embroidered with lavender flowers -  the one on the left here, not to mention some very nice chocolate.) 

When we talked about the details of the swap we were both waiting for the spring and so I thought I would try to add some spring to the cushion - hence the sprouts. And then I also wanted to put all my favourite fabrics there while trying not to make it too "crowded" so that's how the tiny squares were added. And the two-colour background was something I wanted to try for some time and I thought it fitted quite well with the idea of the cushion.

Susan's warm reaction to the cushion encouraged me to go further with the idea and try something similar with a big quilt. But since figuring out how to cut the background although fun was quite tricky too, I decided to make the quilt a bit more easy to piece by dividing it into equal blocks. Of course each block would be a bit different, with improv pieced sprouts (in a pot this time) on a texty or dotted background and brought to the block size with pieces of grey fabric. 

So that's what I did and it worked.

I'm also quite proud with the quilting - swirls around the pots and something I think quite close to pebbles on the grey and almost black background.

Hope you like it, too.
Incidentally, this is also no 1. from my Q3 FAL list.


  1. Wspaniały quilt! Pomysł dość nietypowy, ale jakże optymistyczny efekt końcowy! Bardzo mi się podoba, na mojej sofie też było by mu dobrze :))))))

  2. Absolutely amazing!!! I love this quilt!!!

  3. Fabulous idea, I love these pot plants!

  4. Love these wee sprouts! Congrats on the finish :o)

  5. Niesamowicie piękny quilt, podoba mi się każdy szczegół :)

  6. I do so love this quilt! It's sooooo pretty! Would you consider giving us a pattern or some diagramms or a tutorial? I'd love to make this quilt!